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Jocelyn Adams 4th dan

My name is Jocelyn Adams and I am currently a 4th Dan. I started at Tecumseh Taekwon-do at the age of 4 and have been training for 12 years. Taekwon-do has been an amazing experience for me and has taught me many life skills that I will cherish forever. Growing up, I was timid and had a lot of anxiety. Taekwon-do has helped me gain confidence and led me to believe in myself. The instructors taught me that I can do amazing things if I just believe in myself. This confidence has helped me in my daily life, with doing presentations, talking to strangers, and doing things that really challenge me. Taekwon-do has also allowed me to join a community that supports each other. I have made many friendships throughout my journey with Taekwon-do and we all push each other to be the best martial artists we can be. As an assistant instructor, I would like to help other students who were just as timid as I was learn how to believe in themselves and their abilities. It was Grand Master MacEachern and other instructors who helped me become the person I am today so I too would like to help children learn how to be confident and trust in their abilities. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy playing tennis, softball, volleyball, and badminton.

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